Google Celebrated 96th Birthday of Ella Fitzgerald with Doodle
The singer was one of the leading figures of the genre of jazz and bossa nova, among others

In red and purple tones that emulate the night scene of the 40s, the Google doodle commemorated the 96th birth anniversary of the American singer Ella Fitzgerald.

Also called First Lady of Song and recognized as one of the most important jazz singers, Ella was born in Newport News, Virginia, USA, in 1917 and was died in Beverly Hills in 1996.

She is also known as the Great Lady of Jazz

Her career spanned over six decades, where she recorded with many great personalities including Louis Armstrong, Count Basie and Duke Ellington.

Google has shown in its homepage, for 14 years, various historical events, cultural and sports with images, sometimes interactive, which remind users of some representative dates.

She recorded more than 200 albums, won 13 Grammys and recorded with many of the great figures of the era

This day, Ella Fitzgerald is one of the more than a thousand doodles who have worn to the Internet search engine page.

Among the awards that the singer received during her career include 13 Grammy Awards, the National Medal of Arts and the Presidential Medal of Freedom.
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